About Metformin

Metformin: uses, rules of intake, side effects and top precautions

Metformin is the first line medicine administered to patients with diabetes of type II and excessive weight as one of the key complications. The drug is used for prevention of severe complications as lethal outcomes and cancer.

Metformin is a key medicine used to treat and control such a condition as diabetes of type II. The medicine performs top efficacy in patients with excessive weight as key consequence of the key disease. The drug is also available under a brand name Glucophage. You can buy Metformin as generic medicine or opt for brand one. The key difference of these medicines is in their price. However the efficacy, safety and way of action of the medicines are equal.

This medicine is also widely administered to women with polycystic ovarian syndrome. This is a condition which prevents women from getting pregnant as the ovaries produce too many follicles, but the body does not produce enough of necessary hormones for the follicles to ovulate. Thus the ovulation does not happen and the follicles persist and regrow into cysts. Apart from infertility this condition is also risky for the health and life of a patient as cysts can burst and damage the ovaries. He key consequence of this condition is massive internal bleeding into the peritoneal cavity. If the bleeding is not stopped on time, then the risks of lethal outcome are very high for the patient.

Metformin is also used to prevent such complications of diabetes of type II as cancer or various cardiovascular conditions as blood thickness and clotting. This medicine is on the list of essentials of the World Health Organization to support health system. Metformin is the top medication administered for patients suffering from diabetes. The advantage of the medication is its cheapness. You can buy Metformin online cheap in advance. The medicine is affordable for all patients. A complete course of Metformin for a month of regular intake will cost about 25$.

The key task of Metformin is to control the level of sugar in the blood. As a consequence of blood sugar control the drug prevents kidneys from damaging and such conditions as blindness, problems with nerves, loss of limbs, sexual dysfunction which develop as a result of high blood sugar and

diabetes of type II.

Metformin assists in restoration of the normal healthy response of your body to the amounts of insulin which your body produces naturally. The medicine also normalizes the level of sugar which are produces and consumed by your body in the process of living.

What conditions are treated with Metformin ?

You will be recommended to buy Metformin in case you suffer from one of the next conditions:

Diabetes of type II

Large scale clinical studies proved that Metformin sufficiently reduces the risks of complications of diabetes which are presented with various cardiovascular conditions. Regular intake of the drug reduces the lethal outcomes in patients with diabetes of II type. Apart from preventing cardiovascular outcomes, Metformin is much more effective for prevention of excessive weight gain. Unlike other medicines which are drugs of choice for control of diabetes, Metformin controls weight gain the best. Patients taking this medicine regularly do not gain excessive weight or gain not as much as the patients taking placebo treatment or whose condition is controlled with other medications.

Some trial studies prove that Metformin can be taken as a weight loss booster in patients who do not have any type of diabetes. However do never take this drug to reduce weight as this effect of Metformin is not proved and the drug is not approved by the world associations to treat obesity and excessive weight.

Patients who buy Metformin for control of diabetes of type II rarely develop hypoglycemia than patients taking other medicines for control of diabetic conditions.


Metformin is also used in patients with prediabetic conditions. If a patient is diagnosed to have prediabetes and is timely administered Metformin in preventive dosages then the risks of developing diabetes are twice reduced. However the medicine is not recommended as the only treatment and prevention for diabetes. In most cases patients get advice on complete lifestyle change: adding physical activity, changing menu and taking control drugs as Metformin.

The risks of developing diabetes with only lifestyle changes get 31% lower, while including Metformin into the preventive actions for diabetes of type II reduces the risks of developing of the condition for 57%.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome

In the section above you have already learned what is PCOS and why it requires sufficient treatment. In this section you will find out how Metformin assists in treatment of condition and normalizing of ovarian function.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome is associated with insulin resistance of patients. Metformin is a drug of choice and is administered for treatment of anovulation and infertility in female patients with body mass index about 25 and whose ovaries have not responded to other types of therapy. Mind that for PCOS you can not take Metformin without prescription. The condition must be strictly monitored by your health care provider. The doctor monitors the level of hormones and inspects the function

of ovaries with ultrasound investigation as the only possible way to diagnose ovulation.

Metformin is also used for treatment of infertility in women which is caused with anovulation or PCOS. This anti-diabetes medicine is used in patients who have not responded to such traditional treatments of infertility as clomiphene administered to women to stimulate ovulation (the production of egg follicles by ovaries).

Gestational diabetes

Metformin is also successfully controls blood sugar levels in women developing temporary diabetes during gestation. Gestational diabetes can be diagnosed only with specific glucose tolerance test which is passed by a pregnant woman during a certain period of gestation. The test must be passed only under strict control of your health care provider in the clinic as the response of the body can be different. Some pregnant women experience a kind of glucose shock and require emergency medical help. The test consists of testing blood sugar on the empty stomach, then taking a large amount of liquid with extreme content of glucose and a series of the next blood tests to measure the level of blood sugar and to diagnose the response of the body.

Metformin is not administered for treatment of other diseases.

How to take Metformin correctly?

The correct treatment with Metformin is started with thorough examination by your doctor. You must not take any drug if you have not your diagnosis proved with lab tests. The diabetes of type II, prediabetes as well as polycystic ovarian syndrome can be diagnosed only with complex examination.

If you suspect having diabetes, please, do the following:

 visit your doctor and report all the bothersome symptoms which make you come to a conclusion of having a diabetes

 pass all necessary blood and urine tests as well as a series of ultrasound investigations (in certain cases up to 4 ultrasound investigations are needed within a menstrual cycle)

 your doctor will decide what treatment is best for you and whether Metformin is right for you

 lab tests and ultrasound investigations as well as your biometric parameters will inform your doctor on optimum dosages of Metformin needed to control your case. This will also help you to buy Metformin online in advance to avoid missed dosages and treatment termination

Metformin or is a drug for home usage. A one-time dosage is usually taken 1 to 3 times a day (considering your condition and symptoms) with meals. It is recommended to drink plenty of water when you are on treatment with this medicine.

Mind, that you must always be monitored by your health care provider. Your doctor will monitor the response of your body to the prescribed medication and will correct the dosage to ensure the best effect of the treatment. Usually a patient needs up to a month of treatment to adjust a dosage for optimum effect. Another reason to get dosage management is possible side effects with Metformin. To avoid side effects and adverse reactions your doctor may prescribe you the drug in low dosages and gradual increase of the dosage.

The same way the drug must be withdrawn. You must not rapidly withdraw the treatment. The dosage is reduced gradually till the complete stop of intake.

The efficacy of Metformin can be affected with other drugs, herbs, food supplements and vitamins. That is why you must report all the products you take on average as well as list all the diseases and conditions you treat with additional drugs.

Pay special attention to the medicines you take to control diabetic or prediabetic conditions as well as which you take to induce ovulation or normalize your menstrual cycle.

The treatment with Metformin requires constant testing of sugar level in the blood. Your doctor will recommend you to make notes of your daily results and to put the results into a diagram. This will illustrate the response of your body to Metformin and will inform your doctor on the necessary changes of the treatment.

Moreover regular testing of blood sugar will indicate the cases when you must see the doctor as soon as possible. These cases are the rapid drops and rapid jumps of the level of sugar in the blood.

What side effects can I expect with Metformin?

Before Metformin purchase, please, read the medication guide, paying specific attention to the sections of side effects and precautions/contraindications. Discuss possible side effects with your health care provider and get instruction on how to act in each specific case.

Digestive side effects with Metformin are considered to be a variation of norm. Patients commonly report nausea and diarrhea. Vomiting appears not as frequently as nausea. Some patients report metallic taste in the mouth which is not associated with eating or drinking. These side effects do not pose any risks for the patient. However if diarrhea and vomiting happen too frequently (more often that once in two hours), then you must stop treatment and report the symptoms to your health care provider. Such a condition indicates that the dosage of Metformin is too large for you.

If you buy Metformin online pharmacy without prior consulting your health care provider, then you must follow the prescriptions and indications provided in the medication guide. Mind that patients’ info leaflet contains only average cases and does not consider your specific condition. Thus you will find out only average dosages for average conditions. In this case the risk of hypoglycemia (low levels of sugar in the blood) increases.

Low sugar level in the blood may develop due to taking Metformin with other drugs which are recommended not to be combined within a single treatment course.

Among the symptoms of low levels of sugar in the blood there are:

 sudden unexpected sweating

 tremors in the limbs

 rapid increases of heart rhythm

 excessive hunger which you are unable to control

 problems with vision (as blurred vision)


 excessive tiredness

 depression and sudden changes of mood

If you sugar level in the blood still remains high (you experience hyperglycemia) with Metformin, please, report the case to your health care provider. The symptoms of high sugar levesls in the blood are as follows:

 increased amounts of urine at a time

 excessive thirst

 rapid breathing and lack of air


 fruit flavour of the breath

These symptoms are indicative of taking lower Metformin dosages than you need to control diabetes condition. Please, do not increase your one time dosage without your health care provider.

If you buy Metformin without prescription, please, mind that the drug may cause allergic reactions. The cases of severe allergic responses to Metformin intake are not known. However Metformin online official source warns that allergies are possible. Do not correct your allergic conditions with specific drugs (usually decongestant medications).

What are top precautions with Metformin?

There are chromic related and non-related to diabetes conditions which require additional medical attention when Metformin is prescribed. Among these conditions there are:

 obstructive lung diseases


 blood problems as anemia or vitamin deficiency

 kidney and liver disorders and dysfunctions


Your doctor must take into consideration all of these conditions when prescribing Metformin treatment to you.