About Tetracycline

Tetracycline – way of use, side effects, precautions and recommendations

Tetracycline is the first line antibiotic for treatment of bacterial infections and complications as acne skin condition, cholera, brucellosis, plague and syphilis. Learn how to take the drug to achieve the fastest effect.

Tetracycline is a wide spectrum antibiotic available for sale under many brand names. It is a key representative of the Tetracycline group of antibiotics. The antibiotic is commonly used to treat diseases of respiratory, urinary tracts and intestines. The drug performs high efficacy in treatment of chlamydia, especially in patients with allergic reactions to beta-lactam drugs and macrolides. Tetracycline is a drug of choice. The matter is that susceptible micro-organisms frequently develop resistance to the action of the drug, thus reducing the efficacy of the treatment. That is why the drug is mostly used for the treatment of mild and moderate infections and for the conditions requiring long term mild treatment as acne or rosacea. Recent studies have shown that anaerobic bacteria are less susceptible to the action of the medicine than aerobic ones. Though the efficacy of the drug is reduced, still it is one of the safest ways of treatment of the most widespread sexually passed diseases caused with chlamydia and other bacteria.

Tetracycline works by preventing the bacteria from production of protein. Thus the bacteria turn disabled to replicate their DNA structures and to grow and spread. Tetracycline is a prescription medicine for offline purchase and is available online without prescription. You can buy Tetracycline as brand medicine or opt for generic pills which have the same composition and feature the same mechanism of action (being FDA approved), but are less expensive as they are not as known by users and are not marketed as aggressively.

Tetracycline is one of the most inexpensive antibiotics. A total cost of the treatment till complete recovery will cost less than 25USD. However further on in this Tetracycline purchase guide you will find tips and recommendations on how to save on effective and safe treatment.

Tetracycline is commonly used alone as a key medicine for treatment of the infection. However the drug has perform excellent efficacy in prevention of stomach ulcers when it is used in combination with other medicines.

Due to the mechanism of action Tetracycline does not affect viruses and protozoa. As they also cause inflammation and all the antibiotics including Tetracycline perform anti-inflammatory effect, then taking this drug against a viral or protozoal infection will not cause any positive effect except of slight ease of symptoms of inflammation.

Taking a wrong drug against bacterial infection (not all bacteria are susceptible to Tetracycline) results in resistance developing. Bacteria turn resistant to the action of standard medicines and require new forms of drugs for treatment.

You can buy Tetracycline online or offline in case you are sure that your specific condition is caused with a susceptible type of bacteria.

Which conditions are treated with Tetracycline ?

Tetracycline is a wide-spectrum drug which is administered to treat bacterial inflammations of various body parts, however the range of diseases which can be effectively treated with Tetracycline is not very large. The list of susceptible diseases is as follows:

 bacterial inflammations of gums and mouth

 recurrent fever


 inflammatory conditions of pelvic tissues

 bacterial infections of skin

 moderate to severe cases of syphilis

 moderate to severe cases of gonorrhea in all body parts

 chlamydia in all presences

 chronic contagious forms of conjunctivitis

 inflammations of stomach linen

 acne and rosacea


In most cases all of these conditions require only Tetracycline treatment, however severe cases of infections followed with complications may require complex treatment approach.

How to buy Tetracycline safely?

Tetracycline belongs to a large class of drugs named antibiotics. These drugs can not be used uncontrollably as wrong intake of the drug develops resistance in micro-organisms. They turn resistant to the action of standard drugs which ensure fast and safe recovery with low impact on kidneys and liver.

Before you buy Tetracycline online or offline, please, follow the next steps:

 visit your doctor and report all bothersome symptoms

 pass all necessary lab tests: blood, urine and swab tests to indicate the type of bacteria and the quantity of bacteria contaminating the body. The tests will also show the sensitivity of the bacteria to the antibiotics. Moreover, your doctor may decide to take additional tests of urine and blood to indicate the overall condition

 the lab tests will inform your doctor on the scheme of treatment, the antibiotic which will be optimum for your case, as well as the length of treatment and the dosage of the drug. In rare cases you will get prescribed complex treatment

Getting prescription of Tetracycline from your doctor, you can go in the nearest offline drug store or order Tetracycline online with discounts. If you buy Tetracycline online, please, follow the next rules:

 order Tetracycline online only in form and dosage which is prescribed to you

 do not buy the drugs which are positioned as alternatives of Tetracycline but have a different composition

 do not buy pills in higher or lower dosage

How to take Tetracycline correctly?

Tetracycline pills performs the best effect if taken by mouth on empty stomach. That is why it is recommended to take the medicine an hour prior to taking meal or at least two hours after. Mind, that if you take fat rich food, then keep a longer interval between meal and drug intake. Moreover, such an approach reduces the risks of developing unwanted side effects as indigestion or upset stomach. If the upset stomach still occurs, consult your physician. In most cases diet changes are needed. Some patients report ease of digestive side effects if they take Tetracycline with snall portion of food. Tetracycline must be taken with a full glass of water. Due to possible digestive side effects, it is of ultimate importance to keep a normal water balance of the body. Otherwise you will experience dehydration – a condition which may require additional treatment.

It is not recommended to lie down at least half an hour after drug intake. Thus, you must avoid taking the pill right before bed time.

Some elements reduce the efficacy of the drug. Among them there are magnesium, calcium and aluminum which are contained in different food supplements and vitamin complex. If you take one of the listed elements, please, keep an interval at least of 3 hours before taking Tetracycline.

Dairy products mixed with this drug also increase a risk of severe reactions from the part of stomach and intestines. Please, do not take milk or yogurt with the drug, right after or right before the drug. Other elements as calcium, zink and iron bind to the key components of Tetracycline and prevent the drug from complete absorption thus reducing its efficacy.

It is recommended to consult your health care provider on the matter of drug, vitamins and food supplements interaction. Your physician will manage your diet and drug intake schedule to ensure the best effect of the treatment with Tetracycline.

Tetracycline is prescribed in an individual dosage which is indicated on the severity of a specific disease or condition as well as on the response of your body to the treatment. Other factors affecting a chosen dosage are weight and age as well as related conditions or chronic diseases.

Tetracycline is allowed for administration in children, however the treatment must be strictly supervised by a pediatrician. Do not buy Tetracycline online and give it to a child even if you are sure that a child has a condition caused with a bacterial strain susceptible to the action of this antibiotic.

To achieve the best effect and fast recovery you must keep even levels of Tetracycline in the blood, thus, it is of ultimate importance to take each next dosage at even intervals of time. In order to avoid missed dosages, please, set notification on the next intake. It is recommended to schedule notifications for a complete course of treatment.

Please, be sure, you have your next dosage by you if you are out at the time of intake of the next dosage.

Do not stop the treatment if you feel better. Tetracycline as any other antibiotic performs a strong anti-inflammatory effect, thus you will feel the ease of symptoms after the first few intakes. The absence of symptoms does not mean that the bacteria are cleared out from the body. If you withdraw the medicine before time, then the risks are very high that the disease will reoccur. When you try to withdraw the treatment before a scheduled time, then the bacteria in your body will remain viable and they will start growing and spreading again.

Moreover, they may develop resistance, thus Tetracycline will not work for them the same effectively any more.

The only case when you must stop the treatment before time is when your initial symptoms get worse or unchanged for several days of treatment.

What are top side effects of Tetracycline?

If you buy Ctetracycline, no matter with or without prescription from your doctor, please, first consult the section of side effects which are probable during Tetracycline treatment. Official Tetracycline online source claims the next adverse reactions to be possible with this drug:

Digestive side effects – the most common conditions are vomiting, nausea and diarrhea which are simply managed with changing of nutrition during the treatment. These side effects are considered to be a variation of normal response to the action of the medicine. However, if the symptoms occur too frequently (experiencing diarrhea and vomiting more often than once in two hours), please, report the case to your health care provider. These are risky conditions which can result in dehydration of the body. Your doctor will undertake all necessary measures to avoid condition worsening and ease your treatment. Other side effects from digestive system are loss of appetite, change of tongue color, rectal discomfort.

Side effects which require additional attention are as follows: change of nail color or nail plate discoloration, pain in the muscles and joints, symptoms of kidney dysfunction, signs of blood in urine and stool (dark or red urine or stool, black stool), change of color of tooth enamel as well as spotting of teeth (dark, grey, brown spots).

Very serious side effects – change of vision and hearing or complete inability to see or hear, unusual unexpected fatigue, dizziness or insomnia, severe headaches, fainting, mental changes,

sudden mood changes.

Mind, that Tetracycline can cause rapid jumps of skull pressure. Thus inform your doctor of any cardiovascular conditions, especially problems with blood pressure. If you experience abnormal jumps of blood pressure or skull pressure, then your health care provider must consider these conditions in prescription. Such patients must take Tetracycline treatment only under a strict medical supervision.

If you buy Ctetracycline, mind, that this antibiotic affects not only bad bacteria causing the disease and inflammation, but also positive bacteria needed for normal functioning of intestines and for keeping a normal balance of vaginal flora. You can experience severe diarrhea for several weeks after the end of treatment. This condition must be treated only after you end Tetracycline.

The risk of yeast infection is also very high with Tetracycline treatment. Do not try any drugs to ease the symptoms to avoid interactions as well as to unwanted reactions. Report the condition to your doctor. You may be prescribed topical creams or drugs of local administration to ease the symptoms.

Allergic reactions to Tetracycline are very rare. You can buy Tetracycline online safely. However there is a risk group of patients who must not take Tetracycline with no proper allergic tests. Mind, that if there are cases of allergic response of your body to any medicines, then do not take Tetracycline without prescription.

What are top precautions for Tetracycline?

Tetracycline is a safe medicine, causing moderate, tolerable side effects, which in most cases do not require drug withdrawal.

However there are conditions which must be considered in case you are prescribed Tetracycline:

 patients with liver and kidney diseases must inform their doctors about the conditions. In most cases the drug will be prescribed in complex with supplementary medicines for normalizing of liver and kidney functioning.

 patients planning pregnancy, being pregnant or breastfeeding must also get precsription and recommendations from the doctor.