About Zoloft

Zoloft: uses, side effects, precautions and possible risks

Zoloft is one of the most widely administered antidepressants of the SSRI class with Sertaline as its key active component developed and marketed by Pfizer, the world’s leading pharmaceutical company.

Zoloft is a powerful antidepressant with Sertaline as its key active component. The drug was developed and initially marketed by Pfizer – the world’s top pharmaceutical company developing essential drugs improving quality of life of patients. This manufacturers invests much into lab tests and research to ensure the top quality of the drugs and their safety for health and life of patients. That is why you can buy Zoloft with ease of mind as the drug is safe and effective assisting in treatment and control of depressions and depressive mental disorders of various nature.

Among the conditions the drug is administered to treat there are panic disorders, depressive disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, social anxiety and fobias. The drug is approved for administration in adults and children. While adults can buy Zoloft and take the pills without medical

control, but strictly following the medication guide provided with the pills, the kids must be monitored by a pediatrician and psychiatrist during the entire course of treatment.

Zoloft online official source reports that during 2014 the drug was the most widely prescribed medicine for treatment of listed above disorders with over 41 millions prescriptions within a year. In recent years the new antidepressant medicines appeared on the pharmaceutical market, however their efficacy and safety is equal to Zoloft. The subtle difference lies only in side effects and individual tolerability. Health care providers give preference to Zoloft and opt for analogues and alternatives in case a patient performs allergic reaction to Zoloft or experiences side effects which make further intake impossible. Read the section of side effects of Zoloft of this review to find out which are top reported conditions among patients.

Meical uses of Zoloft

Zoloft is used to treat depressions and depressive disorders in patients (both adults, teens and kids under medical supervision only). The drug also performs top efficacy in treatment of body dysmorphic disorder (the condition of personal dislike of the body – the condition is present with excessive preoccupation with own body), premenstrual dysphoric disorders (a scope of symptoms including pain in abdomen, sudden changes of mood, excessive aggressiveness and mental sensitivity to average situations; the symptoms commonly get present in the second (luteal) phase of menstrual cycle and end right after the menses start) and some other conditions. There are cases when Zoloft is administered to treat premature ejaculation with success achieved in over 73% of patients.

Though Zoloft is not indicated for the treatment of sexual disorders, still the nature of most of the sexual dysfunctions in young men are commonly of mental origin. Excessive care, stress and exceptional preoccupation with size, diameter, function, duration of a sexual intercourse affect the natural sexual function. Zoloft effectively corrects these mental conditions normalizing the function.

Though Zoloft is a safe medicine with a short list of contraindications and precautions, still we recommend Zoloft purchase only after seeing your doctor and getting prescriptions. You can buy Zoloft online without prior seeing your doctor, still individual recommendations specific for your case will improve the efficacy of treatment and will ensure faster recovery.

There are also unusual administrations of the drug. For example, you can buy Zoloft to correct the feeling of unhappiness. The drug will relieve the nervousness, stress, excessive worrying and other mental discomforts. The drug is also frequently administered to treat anxieties and anxiousness conditions. There is a small group of patients developing depressive conditions in a cyclic way. For example, they experience depressive disorders each year at the same time with no due reasons and with no due conditions repeating at this time. Thus doctors are unable to indicate the reasons for depression. The probable reason is such a cyclic function of brain and consciousness.

After you start the treatment with Zoloft you will experience the improvement of mood and sleeping. Patients report appetite normalizing and boosting of life energy. After a week of intake the patients on Zoloft report the increased interest to average life and decrease of fears and panic. The medicine effectively copes and blocks the conditions of anxiety, unwanted thoughts and various panic disorders. The drug also effectively prevents you from repetitive actions which are characteristic for obsessive compulsive disorders as checking the doors in your living, constant washing and sanitizing the hands, counting something in your control, and other actions.

Zoloft online official source claims that the drug works by normalizing the levels of natural substances produced by brain.

How to buy Zoloft or Metformin online safely?

Zoloft as any other antidepressant is a prescription drug which is not available over the counter in any of offline drug stores. To buy Zoloft offline you need to see a doctor to get a prescription. However the medicine is available online with no document prescriptions from your health care provider. However, we do not recommend taking the drug without individual recommendations from your doctor. Each medicine comes with a medication guide with instructions for intake and recommendations for treatment course duration. But the medication guide describes only the average cases and can not consider your specific conditions as chronic diseases, personal sensitivity and tolerability. Mind that Zoloft has certain contraindications and precautions which you can review in the next sections.

How to take Zoloft correctly?

Before CZoloft purchase, please, read the medication guide carefully, paying special attention to the sections of side effects and contraindications. Still the drug is safe, but side effects can affect the dosage and schedule of treatment.

This will inform you about possible risks and conditions which are considered to be a norm and do not require treatment management or withdrawal and which reactions and conditions require immediate drug withdrawal.

A pill of Zoloft is taken by mouth, usually once a day. There is no specific time of intake. Each patient is recommended to experiment with time. Some patients feel better when taking a daily dosage in the morning, while others prefer taking a pill before bed time. The time of intake depends on the symptoms which are corrected with the medicine. If the symptoms are evident during the day and lower the quality of social life of a patient, then it is recommended to take a dosage of Zoloft in the morning. While if the symptoms affect the quality of night rest and sleeping as excessive worrying, insomnia, uneasy thoughts, then the drug should better be taken before bed time.

The drug is available in pills and capsules. The efficacy of the medicine does not depend on the form. Still there is a difference. Pills can be taken with or without foods with a full glass of water, while capsules are recommended to be taken with a small quantity of food or during breakfast. If you prefer taking the drug before bed time, then Zoloft in capsules is recommended to be taken after evening meals.

The treatment schedule of Zoloft depends directly on the condition you are going to treat with the drug. For example, for treatment of premenstrual disorders the drug must be taken in advance of few days before the luteal phase of menstrual cycle. If the premenstrual syndrome is presented severely, then your doctor may decide on prescription of Zoloft for each day use for three months with gradual withdrawal in the first phase of the menstrual cycle. When the symptoms of PMS are reduced, then a doctor decides whether to withdraw the drug completely or to prescribe the medicine only for the second phase of the menstrual cycle during the first day of the next cycle.

The dosage of Zoloft depends on the severity of symptoms of the treated condition as well as on the response of your mental system to the drug. To avoid side effects the doctor may prescribe you to start the treatment with Zoloft in lower dosages and to gradually add up the dosage till a recommended one.

That is why it is important to visit a doctor before you will buy Zoloft online. The risk of developing side effects to high dosages of Zoloft are very high. The pills and capsules of Zoloft must not be split or parted in any way.

To achieve the best effect of the treatment with the drug, you must take each pill at even intervals of time. Thus it is recommended to set notification schedule on your gadget to remind you about the next intake of the medicine. Each time you miss a dosage of Zoloft, the levels of brain substances get changed. Thus your symptoms may worsen.

Most patients feel better with Zoloft after the first few days of intake. In most cases the absence of symptoms does not indicate the recovery from the mental disease. If you withdraw the drug before time, the chances are extremely high that the condition will turn back. If you take the drug following the prescription from your doctor, please, consult your physician or psychiatrist on withdrawal. The manufacturer of Zoloft recommends to continue treatment for an entire recommended period of time to avoid recurrence of the condition.

Patients who take Zoloft for a prolonged period of time (longer than 8-10 weeks) may experience the symptoms of withdrawal which are presented with the next conditions sudden changes of mood and mood swings, tiredness, changes of sleeping (time, schedule and quality), feeling like electric shock. To eliminate such conditions, your doctor will recommend you to reduce the dosage of Zoloft gradually and to track the response of your mental system to the lower dosages of the drug.

What side effects can I expect with Zoloft?

Zoloft is commonly a well tolerable drug with no severe side effects which can require instant treatment withdrawal.

Consult with your doctor if some symptoms appear which you associate with the start of treatment with Zoloft. Among the most frequently reported side effects there are digestive conditions as nausea, diarrhea and vomiting, upset stomach and stomach cramps, loss of appetite. These symptoms commonly do not require additional medical attention and treatment unless they appear too severely or too frequently. Do not try to correct these symptoms with additional drugs as the symptoms will persist (if they are related to the intake of Zoloft).

If the symptoms turn worse, please, do not take the next dosage of the drug and report the case to your health care provide.

Some patients report troubles with sleeping and insomnia. Please, never take additional drugs to correct this symptom. If the condition turns intolerable and affects the quality of sleeping, please, consult your health care provider. The drugs may interact and cause anaphylaxis.

However there are side effects associated with Zoloft treatment which require instant medical help and complete withdrawal of the drug. Among such conditions there are:

 easy bruising and hypersensitivity of the skin to easy mechanical damages

 abnormal nasal, rectal or vaginal bleedings, blood in urine, stool or vomiting

 decrease in sexual drive and ability (in both men and women)

 excessive weakness of muscles, pain in muscles and joints, muscle cramps which are not associated with physical exercises or traumas

 tremor or excessive shaking

 abnormal weight loss

If you notice one or several of these symptoms, please, consult your health care provider as soon as possible. Mind that these symptoms can be caused with other, non-related to drug intake conditions. Still additional medical care is necessary.

Some male patients report rare painful erections which last for more than 4 hours. This condition require instant medical help. Do not try to relieve the erection with ice or cold applied to the erected penis as this can worsen the condition. Prolonged erection can damage the vessels and muslce tissues in the penis which will cause persistent problems.

Top precautions with Zoloft

Before you buy Zoloft with or without prescription from your doctor, please, mind whether you have one or several of the next symptoms and conditions:

 allergic reactions

 liver or kidney dysfunctions

 thyroid gland disorders or dysfunctions

 glaucoma in you or your close family relatives

 pregnancy or planning pregnancy (all antidepressants are forbidden in pregnant women as well in men who plans pregnancy with a woman)

 planning surgery