About Propranolol

Propranolol – uses, precautions, side effects and contraindications

Propranolol is a drug of choice administered to treat a wide range of cardiovascular conditions including irregular heartbeats, blood pressure jumps, tremors, anxiety as well as such skin condition as hemangiomas.

Propranolol is a beta blocking type of the medicine administered to treat cardiovascular diseases as

rapid jumps of blood pressure, hemangiomas, irregular heartbeats and tremors. The drug is also administered for prolonged intake for prevention of severe headaches and migraines as well as heart problems which can be caused with severe diseases as angina. The drug is also prescribed to be taken on a regular basis to the patients with previous heart attacks in the health profile. The medicine is available in pills for home usage and in liquid for intravenous injections. The efficacy of the medicine is equal, still the intravenous injection delivers the active component right to the blood eliminating time for digesting during oral route of administration.

For oral route of administration Propranolol is available in short term and long term form of actions. Only your doctor will decide which form of the drug and which variation is optimum for your specific case. The drug is administered only to patients with increased heartbeat. Those patients with slowing heartbeat must not take Propranolol as it will cause even slower beating of the heart. The medicine must also be avoided by patients with heart failures in the health profile.

The drug is known from 1964. It is on the list of essential medicines of the World Health Organisation as one of the key important and safe drugs for supporting of health system. After visiting your health care provider (a physician or cardiologist) you can buy Propranolol as a brand drug or order Propranolol online in a generic form. These are FDA approved medicines with the same composition, form and route of administration. Thus generic Propranolol is safe and the same effective, but its cost is much lower as manufacturers commonly have lower expenses on marketing of the medication.

Propranolol is a cheap medicine affordable for all patients. With average dosages of Propranolol a monthly cost of treatment does not exceed 15USD.

Which conditions are treated with Propranolol?

Propranolol online official source claims that the drug is administred for treatment of the next types of conditions.

Cardiovascular diseases

Most patients with high and excessive blood pressure get prescription for Propranolol. Other cardiovascular conditions which are effectively treated with this medicine are myocardial infarction, tachycardia and muscle tremor developed as a result of the condition.

Propranolol is not the first line medication for treatment of hypertension as the research of 2006 proved that there are more effective medicines. Due to these results the Propranolol has become a drug of choice. But most patients still take Propranolol as safe medication with low risk of side effects. Moreover, you can buy Propranolol cheap, while other more advanced drugs will cost much more. Considering that age-related cardiovascular changes are constant and require constant drug intake, Propranolol appears to be an optimum solution optimizing the overall expenses for treatment and control of heart function.

Psychiatric conditions

Another cause of Propranolol administration is a range of psychiatric conditions. One of the top conditions for which Propranolol is a must use drug is performance anxiety. Other types of anxiety and mental conditions respond poorly to the action of the medicine. The mental conditions which respond best to the action of the medicine are:

 post-traumatic stress disorders with or without specific fobias developed as a result of stress

 a wide spectrum of mental disorders in patients with various forms of autism

 aggressiveness in patients with all types of brain injuries

 various psychogenic conditions

Other conditions which respond well to Propranolol

Among other conditions which respond well to the action of Propranolol are such unclassified diseases as:


 migraines and severe headaches (for such conditions the drug is used as for treatment so for prevention of symptoms)

 excessive sweating caused with hyperhidrosis



The drug can also be administered in complex treatment of other conditions not mentioned in the Propranolol online official sources.

How to take Propranolol  correctly?

Propranolol is administered by a doctor after a thorough examination. The medicine must never be taken without prescription. Moreover, the response of the body to the action of the drug must be monitored by your cardiologist. The Propranolol doses should be taken instantly rihgt after a heart attack to increase the chances for survival.

Propranolol can be taken for prevention of numerous conditions which develop as a result of constant high blood pressure. Among these conditions there are heart attacks, kidney diseases, chest pain. The drug in low dosages can also be administered to patients with low physical ability to exercise. Such patients experience shortness of breath and muscle numbness due to excessive heartbeat. However your cardiologist or physician must monitor the function of your heart under excessive physical loads to see whether Propranolol is right for you or the condition can be improved by regular physical exercises.

The medicine works by blocking certain chemicals which are naturally produced in the body. These chemicals affect heart muscles, vessels, blood thickness. The key action of the medicine is to reduce the rate of heart beating, to lower blood pressure, to reduce the strain on the heart muscle.

Before Propranolol purchase, please, consult your cardiologist and other specialist on the issues of whether the drug is right for you. We also recommend reading Propranolol purchase guide with special attention to side effects and precautions which you are advised to discuss with health care provider.

For home usage the medicine is commonly prescribed to be taken by mouth. A daily dosage is split in 2 to 4 intakes during the day. The drug must be taken before meals. In case of 4 time intake of Propranolol, the last dosage must be taken at bed time. If you take the suspension, please, use only the measuring spoon provided with the drug. Do not use any other appliances to measure a one-time dosage as in this case the dosage can be incorrect.

Each patient and each specific case requires individual dosing. Do not share your individual recommendations on Propranolol intake as well as never share the drug with other patients as it must never be taken without individual prescriptions.

To get the most benefit and to considerable improve your condition, you must keep even level of the active component in the blood. Thus you should take the drug at even intervals of time. To do so, please, set notifications on your smartphone, fitness tracker or tablet. Please, be sure to have your next dosage at hand in case you are out by the time of the next intake.

Mind, that Propranolol is prescribed for a prolonged treatment. The medicine performs the effect very fast, but you must not withdraw the drug right after the first improvements. The task of the drug is not only improvement of symptoms and correction of conditions, but also their prevention. The drug is not accumulated in the body. Its action stops right when you take the last dosage and do not take the next one.

Mind, that this medicine is not used to treat the condition. In most cases it is used to prevent possible conditions. In most cases chest pain and, headaches and migraines are successfully prevented with only regular intake of Propranolol. In case of acute presence of the symptoms as chest pain or severe headache, Propranolol will not relieve or kill pain. To help these acute conditions you need to use additional drugs.

If you buy Propranolol online with prescription from your health care provider, you will also get recommendations on pain relievers and pain killers which are allowed to take together. Please, do not use the drugs you take commonly to ease the pain as they may interact with Propranolol or may affect its efficacy.

The drugs which are taken to lower cholesterol will also affect the action of Propranolol. To avoid unwanted decreases of efficacy of the drugs, please, do the following:

 report your doctor all chronic conditions which you regulate with certain drugs

 report your doctor all the drugs you take from time to time or regularly

Your health care provider will manage the intake of the drugs to avoid unnecessary reactions. If you buy Propranolol online without prior seeing your doctor, then please, keep an interval of at least one hour after cholesterol lowering drugs or take the pills for cholesterol after two hours from Propranolol.

Mind, that if you take this medication to normalize your blood pressure after a rapid increase, then you will notice a stable effect within the next two weeks. If you do not feel the improvement in the first days, this does not mean that the drug is not working for your case. Consult your doctor additionally on this issue.

Please, consult your doctor as soon as possible if one of the following situations get present:

·you do not feel an improvement of symptoms within two weeks

 you feel your symptoms get worse

 you experience side effects which you associate with the drug intake

 you experience new symptoms of the condition you treat with Propranolol

 you have questions on the action of the drug

What side effects I can expect with Propranolol?

Before you buy Propranolol with or without prescription, you need to pay specific attention to possible side effects which are associated with this medicine. The drug is comparatively safe and effective, however there are groups of patients who need to take the drug with extra caution.

Among typical side effects which are proved by the drug manufacturer, there are:

 the symptoms of adjustment to lowering (normalizing) pressure as dizziness, weakness, lightheadedness, excessive tiredness – these symptoms indicate normal adjustment of your body to the action of medication. These side effects are considered to be a norm and commonly do not require additional treatment or dosage adjustment, however it is recommended to avoid excessive physical activity, driving vehicles, drinking alcohol or taking other actions which cause excessive tiredness, relaxation or may increase the presence of these listed side effects

 digestive side effects are very rare – however some patients report easy nausea and rare vomiting. Cases of diarrhea are not known. If you experience digestive side effects and associate these conditions to the intake of the drug, then report the case to your health care provider.

 insomnia, unusual dreams, sudden changes of mood are possible with this drug – if the symptoms turn bothersome, please, consult your health care provider.

 cold hands and feet are considered to be a norm as the drug reduces the blood flow. If you smoke, then this will worsen the effect.

There are serious side effects which must be reported to your physician or cardiologist as soon as possible. Among such side effects there are:

 shortness of breath

 excessive bruising, blue nails on hands and feet

 swelling in joints (as ankles and feet)

 sudden changes of mood

 numbness in hands and feet

 sudden fainting

 unexpected rapid weight changes – gaining or loss

 very slow heart beat

 increased thirst

 unusual amounts of urine at a time

 symptoms of infection with no infection diagnosed

Propranolol is commonly a well tolerable drug. It is safe and effective performing gradual action. However there are some patients performing very strong allergic response to the action of medicine.

If you feel one of the bothersome side effects, then please, do not take your next dosage and see your doctor. Keep in touch with your health care provider for an entire period of treatment.

Top precautions for taking Propranolol

Though the drug is safe to buy online, however before Propranolol purchase, please, tell your doctor if you belong to a risk group of patients. Risk groups of patients are those who havae one or several conditions from the list below:

 previous allergic reactions to any beta-blockers

 breathing problems as asthma

 hyperactive thyroid gland

 kidney and liver dysfunctions of failures in the recent past

 psyche disorders


 any muscle or nerve diseases

 recent surgeries

 pregnancy, planning pregnancy or breastfeeding

 planning surgeries in the nearest future